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Wintergrasp Map

Ingame ID of Wintergrasp map is 4197.

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Wintergrasp subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Central Bridge8050 x 55
Eastern Bridge8066 x 55
Eastspark Workshop-66 x 69
Flamewatch Tower8080 x 63
Glacial Falls8075 x 44
Shadowsight Tower8024 x 58
The Broken Temple8032 x 38
The Cauldron of Flames8084 x 72
The Chilled Quagmire8029 x 29
The Forest of Shadows8018 x 49
The Steppe of Life809 x 63
The Sunken Ring8064 x 40
Western Bridge8034 x 51
Westspark Workshop-34 x 68
Winter's Edge Tower8050 x 67
Wintergrasp Fortress8050 x 20