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Sholazar Basin Map

Ingame ID of Sholazar Basin map is 3711.

Sholazar Basin
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Sholazar Basin subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Bittertide Lake7739 x 39
Death's Hand Encampment7756 x 41
Dorian's Outpost7742 x 28
Frenzyheart Hill7656 x 70
Frenzyheart River7762 x 68
Hardknuckle Clearing7767 x 74
Kartak's Hold7824 x 82
Lakeside Landing7750 x 61
Mistwhisper Refuge7745 x 36
Mosswalker Village7775 x 50
Nesingwary Base Camp7527 x 59
Rainspeaker Canopy7654 x 53
Rainspeaker Rapids7763 x 50
River's Heart7648 x 63
Sapphire Hive7760 x 79
Sparktouched Haven7832 x 74
Spearborn Encampment7741 x 23
Swindlegrin's Dig7736 x 48
The Avalanche7874 x 35
The Blight Line7761 x 46
The Bonefields7756 x 26
The Bones of Nozronn7727 x 70
The Glimmering Pillar7750 x 36
The Lifeblood Pillar7766 x 60
The Lost Lands7766 x 43
The Lost Passage7631 x 88
The Makers' Overlook7781 x 56
The Makers' Perch7730 x 40
The Mosslight Pillar7736 x 75
The Path of the Lifewarden7626 x 78
The Savage Thicket7747 x 26
The Seabreach Flow7736 x 63
The Skyreach Pillar7753 x 81
The Stormwright's Shelf8024 x 34
The Sundered Shard7770 x 58
The Suntouched Pillar7733 x 52
Waygate7840 x 83
Wildgrowth Mangal7644 x 53
Wintergrasp River7745 x 80
Sholazar Basin related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Sholazar Basin Explore Sholazar Basin
Explore Sholazar Basin, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Northrend
Into the Basin Into the Basin
Complete 75 quests in Sholazar Basin.
A H 10 Wrath of the Lich King